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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dead is Just a Rumor By: Marlene Perez "Book Review"

As the creepy little town of Nightshade prepares to celebrate its 200th anniversary—on Halloween, of course—many of its paranormal residents are receiving mysterious blackmail letters. Psychic teen Daisy Giordano and her sisters set out to find out who is behind the threats. But launching an investigation isn’t easy for Daisy with her overprotective father watching her every move. Though she’s is happy to have him back after the years he spent being held captive by an anti-paranormal group called the Scourge, Dad is having difficult time adjusting to home life—and the fact that his little girl is now a senior in high school. He even disapproves of Daisy’s boyfriend, Ryan. Can their relationship take the strain?

And Daisy’s got even more on her plate: A talented amateur chef, she has won cooking lessons with celebrity chef Circe Silvertongue. After nosing around (with a little help from Circe’s pet pig), Daisy begins to suspect the temperamental chef’s secrets aren’t only in her ingredients...

The fourth installment in this favorite series is full of surprises and scares! (Summary Thanks to GoodRead )
So guess who's back? Yep thats right Daisy Giordano is back and for those of you who read the other know that when Daisy's around there is always trouble. I really adore this series it's actually one of my favorite paranrmal nov els. Marlene Perez makes these books in this series full of all our favorite Paranormal friends Exmaple: Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, Shifters, Ghosts, Invisable people, Telepaths, mind readers, and last but not least Mermaids.

Like always a book has the good guys and the bad guys, there has to be evil of some sort for the book to be tempting. This book has you guessing from the begging and let me tell you I only realized who was playing all the jokes, and causing all the ruckus probably only a little bit before Daisy, and not a lot though. I loved these characters right from the first book. Another thing I liked about Marlene's' writing is that as the characters got older in years they also seemed to mature (the reason why I'm saying this is that there are a lot of books that the characters don't see to grow). So by saying that I could tell that Daisy and her friends were in their senior year, not the kids we were first introduced to 4 books ago. Don't get me wrong, but there is always a but when saying such nice things so the But: Daisy at some points in the book gets Whinny (I could picture her stomping her feet).

So Marlene Perez keeps getting better even though there is no way of beating the first in the Series Dead is the New Black, but Dead is Just a Rumor was fairly close. The reasoning to why I think these books are so lovable is that instead of basing the book on one major occurrence that build and builds until problem solved. Marlene Perez writes about many occurrence that maybe will all work out to be the same-thing, but for now thats enough no more giving information.

I would love to rate the cover of this book, but as I received an e-Version for review (thanks Net Galley).  Last thought I do truly wish these books were longer.

Book Review in a quote: "Easy to love Paranormal Young Adult, I call it a full packaged deal with 218 pages"

Series Order:
1. Dead is the New Black
2. Dead is a State of Mind
3. Dead is so Last year
4. Dead is Just a Rumor (To be Released: Aug. 2010)
5. Dead is not an Option (To be Released: Spring 2011)

I would Personally Rate this book: 



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