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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dead Until Dark (This is not YA novel this is Adult Paranormal)

This novel is the first of the Sookie Stackhouse novels at first I was unsure of this book I’m into the whole vampire or mystical love story but I’m like this is too weird for me so I put it on my not list until recently I saw a preview for the show True Blood I’m like that’s my kind of TV show and like a nerd I researched it and came across that it was based on a novel! Yay and I found out it’s the novel I passed out on! I regret I waited so long to read this book. The book started off with action and it kept me hooked till the ending. One thing I must say is this book it’s anything but predictable, you may think you know what’s coming but never underestimate the element of surprise. Thank god when I did decided to pick this book up it was summer vacation or else I would recommend taking sometime because you will not be able to wait time to start the second one. I’m proud to say that after the first book in the Sookie Stackhouse series I’m in love with this series. Ok anyways let’s get back to the book (and avoid my crazy lady rantings). Character, Characters, Characters I sometime grow impatient with the way some authors introduce their characters at the beginning of the book if this is the first book of your series I do not want an auto biography I want enough details for me to get hooked I don’t need the irrelevant stuff you have the whole book for that! In this book I was surprised it was a quick and easy introduction then some action (I don’t mean like a fighting scene). By the way who do you guys like? Erik, Bill, or Sam…. I still have not made up my mind.
I think anyone who appreciates a love story some action and vampires should pick up a copy. I have not seen the show I have seen previews and friends of mine have been watching religiously tell me it’s fabulous. There are also other reasons I have not yet seen it I’m also scared that I might spoil the books for me. Do you guys know if True Blood first season based on the first book let me know?
Thanks Guys!!
I’d personally rate this boo ïïïïï

Kelly P. 


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