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Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Weekend Recap (1)

Hey guys so it's Friday, almost the weekend!! So anyways back to it so I usually never have anything to post on Friday. So I added up some good ideas from other blogs and made it into one handy dandy blog post. Sorry if this is anyones meme let me know and I'll give you the acknowledgement you deserve! :) If you guys do enjoy this meme feel free to join in, by the way it doesn't have to be on Friday (Fri. happens to be the day I don't know what to post) Just remember if you are going to join in don't forget to come back here to share you FWER so we can all see :)
So lets begin!!

1. Currently Reading/ Progress
Pretty Dead By: Francesca Lia Block- Pg. 31
Blood Promise By: Richelle Mead-Pg. 369
Drake Academy: Secret Lives By: Gabriella Poole-Pg. 85

2. Thoughts on book so Far (you  can choose all three on just one)
Drake Academy: Secret Lives By: Gabriella Poole- I have been dying to read this book forever. It has actually been on my to-read list since the release in 2009, but I never got around to buying it. So I finally got a hold of it from the Library. Let me tell you totally addicted, I CAN'T PUT IT DOWN!!!   

3. What am I going to read next (or lol think I am going to read):
- The EverAfter By: Amy Huntley
- The Ivy By: Lauren Kunze and Rina Onur

4. Current Contest (If you are not holding one then tell us of a fabulous one from another blog.)
- Tynga's Reviews- Awesome Contest! Up for grabs is an Iron Fey T-shirt as well a copy of Iron Queen By: Julie Kagawa. This Contest is open for US/ Canadian residents only. Last day to Enter to win is February 8. So Hurry Up!!! Go Here to enter and see whats up for grabs!! (Also if you don't already know of Tynga's Reviews check her out she is my absolute favorite Canadian Blogger) 

5. Last Books Reviewed:

6. Recent Fiction Crush:
- My crush this week has to be Valek I totally love him (from Poison Study By: Maria V. Snyder). At first it was more of a hate relationship. Then Valek totally won my heart. They way Maria V. Snyder described him so vividly there were time when I can actually put a picture to his character. 

7. Cover Crush:
- My cover crush this week has to be Once Every Never By: Lesley Livingston this book has been released yet (as well the cover was only released yesterday but I feel in love). The reason for the pick, is first of all it is totally eye catching. I'm speechless. I adore the way the girl is staring off into the distance. The crow add a little creepiness. I absolutely adore the typography for the title. Another thing that makes this book awesome is that Lesley Livingston wrote  :).

8. Not Yet Released, Wanted ASAP(can be WoW pick):
- This week it has to be my WoW pick. Which was Born at Midnight, this book sounds so awesome and another great thing it has a lot of my favorite Paranormals. I adore the cover and I can't wait for this one. Want more details head over to my Waiting on Wednesday pick Here.

So guys thats it for me this week, YAY the weekend is so close I can smell it!! How was this past week for you guys??

Happy Reading!


Monique said...

I love Valek too! I think their relationship is well, definitely unique but also really sweet. I really liked this post:D This past week I've been packing for a school study camp, not too excited since it's got the word study in it. I hope you've had a good week.

Tynga said...

Thank you so much Kelly <3

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