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Monday, September 27, 2010

Moon Light By: Rachel Hawthorne Book Review

I see him and knows what this turmoil inside of me means: He's the one. My forever. 

KAYLA is the nature lover, the all-American beauty who can't understand why she's so drawn to distant, brooding Lucas. Adopted as a young child, she has no way of knowing that she's inherited a terrifying-and thrilling-gene that will change her life forever. 

LUCASis dangerous, gorgeous ... and a werewolf. As leader of the Dark Guardians, shape-shifters who gather deep within the state park, he has sworn to protect his pack. But when Lucas finds his true soul mate, his love could put them all in harm's way. 

As Lucas and Kayla struggle with their feelings for each other, a greater danger lurks: Humans have discovered the Dark Guardians and are planning their destruction. Kayla must choose between the life she knows and the love she feels certain is her destiny. 
(Summary Thanks to Goodreads)

Moonlight was a novel that I have heard a lot about for a while, not all good so I had some hesitation in picking up this novel. I thought I would give it a try. I was very surprised on how this book captivated me, had me wanting more. Moonlight is the first in the Dark Guardian series. Which after this book I am proud to say I want more and actually bought the rest of the series once completing Moonlight. I have never read any of Rachel Hawthorne books before this one and I was very surprised how she hit all the right note in writing a unique paranormal plot.

I found the characters in this novel very well thought out and very easy to understand while still being mysterious. I'm not a big fan of werewolves I dunno why, but my friend and some family are very team werewolves when it comes to reading paranormal. After Moonlight I think I might look into more novels involving Werewolves (any good recommendation?). Anyways we will start off with Kayla poor, poor Kayla who has had a very unfortunate past, because of that past she is know in the middle of the forest. Kayla is very out there (personal information wise), but yet distant and mystery to her. Lucas at first I thought he was a stalker, and a bit creepy, might I add. Lucas does then become my book crush for this novel, and no other man in this book wins that little. Mason, I dunno I get bad feelings that all I can say, and Kayla maybe be right about him being the safer option (or is she:). Lindsey is awesome and reminds me of my friend Linds.  I love how this book kind of introduces us to what happens after Moonlight. Evil in this book is another kind of evil no the typical evil kill take over the world good against bad (somewhat) this book touches on other issues.

This book overall was a good read I really enjoyed it. Somethings I disliked were there were some transition that had me a bit confused nothing major. The beginning of this book took a while to actually get in to. So when you do start stick with it, because the best part of the book is coming soon. I like the cover to this novel. Rachel Hawthrone did all the right things in this plot. So if your looking for a quick and great read be sure to pick this book up. Can't wait to see Lindsey's point of view. 

My Blurb for this Novel: "Quick, addictive, mysterious new touch to werewolf young adult novels with a bite".

Series Order

1. Moonlight

I would Personally rate this Novel:

The reasoning behind this rating is the end part made up for the dislikes.

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Monique said...

I'm not sure if you have read it but The Darkest Powers Series by Kelley Armstrong has a werewol in it, it's not the main character but he's in there quite a lot. I really enjoyed the series and I love this blog:)

Monique said...

My bad, you have read it, sorry:P Another one that has werewolves kind of is the Strange Angel series by Lili St Crow. It's got three novels out and more is still coming! I also love this series. You should check it out, and if you have also already read this, my bad:D

Kelly Peres said...

@Monique- tahnks for stopping by! Also thanks for the recommendation I have yet to read The Darkest Power series it is on my to read list but thatnks for the heads up I didnt know it included Werewolves!! Yayy thx!

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