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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thursday Random Recap (2)

So lets begin!!

1. Currently Reading/ Progress

- Evermore By: Alyson Noel- Pg. 249
- Generation Dead By: Daniel Waters-Pg. 25
- The Lightning Thief  By: Rick Riordan- Pg. 58

2. Thoughts on book so Far (you  can choose all three on just one)

The Lightning Thief  By: Rick Riordan- This book is definitely different, but good different. I'm liking it maybe a little addicted. Lets see what the rest of the book has to offer. Another thing also can't wait to see the movie!!

3. What am I going to read next (or lol think I am going to read):

- The Summoning By: Kelley Armstrong
- Moon Light By: Rachel Hawthorne
-The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod: Eighth Grade Bites By: Heather Brewer

4. Current Contest (If you are not holding one then tell us of a fabulous one from another blog.)

- At Bloody Bookaholic- Ridiculously Awesome Contest, So many awesome books up for grabs. This Contest is International. Last day to Enter to win is April 18. So Hurry Up!!! Go Here to enter and see whats up for grabs!!

5. Last Books Reviewed:

Accidental Werewolf By: Dakota Cassidy
The Agency By: Y.S. Lee
- Untamed By: P.C. Cast

6. Recent Fiction Crush:

- Ohh hard again I'm going to have to say James from The Agency: A Spy in the House. The reason for it is because he hate to like Mary, which make me love him. I dunno I have a little spot in my heart for guys who are oblivious to there actual feelings.

7. Cover Crush:

- My cover crush this week has to be Storm Glass By: Maria V. Snyder this book has  been released yet. This is actually the UK cover. I prefer this cover because its eye catching, there is something tempting about is makes you want to pick it up. The cover is just so I dunno I really like it. 

8. Book I'm Pinning for:

- This has to be, has to be Burned By: P.C. Cast I honestly can't wait. The series did have some dry parts but this book sounds like its going to top them all. Another thing the cover is so wicked cool with a picture of what Stevie Rae, and what see like a feather, this cover has got to be my favorite out of all.

So guys thats it for me this week, YAY the weekend is so close I can smell it!! How was this past week for you guys??

Happy Reading!

Kelly P.


Anonymous said...

Vladimir Tod series looks really cool!! I Agree the Storm Glass Uk cover way cooler!!

Cool Blog by the Way

Karolina L.

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