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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thursday Random Recap (3)

So lets begin!!

1. Currently Reading/ Progress
Chronicles of Vladimir Tod By: Heather Brewer- Pg. 33
Generation Dead By: Daniel Waters-Pg. 25 (on stand still for now)
The Lightning Thief  By: Rick Riordan- Pg. 58 (on stand still for now)

2. Thoughts on book so Far (you  can choose all three on just one)
Chronicles of Vladimir Tod: Eighth Grade Bites  By: Heather Brewer- This book is going really well, I thought it might be slow definitely going! I like the idea of Vlad his character, I also like Henry but there is something up with him.  

3. What am I going to read next (or lol think I am going to read):

- The Summoning By: Kelley Armstrong
- Moon Light By: Rachel Hawthorne
-Undead and Unappreciated By: Mary Janice Davidson 

4. Current Contest (If you are not holding one then tell us of a fabulous one from another blog.)

- At Bloody Bookaholic- Ridiculously Awesome Contest, So many awesome books up for grabs. This Contest is International. Last day to Enter to win is April 18. So Hurry Up!!! Go Here to enter and see whats up for grabs!! (This is just such an awesome contest had to keep it up) 

5. Last Books Reviewed:

6. Recent Fiction Crush:

- Ohh this is easy hands down has to be Keegan from Accidental Werewolf. He's so hot so steamy, and sexy. Lori from Escape Between the Pages I bet she would agree with me. I dunno if it was Dakota Cassidy's writing or the idea the of Keegan, but oh wow. 
7. Cover Crush:

- My cover crush this week has to be Shadows By: Amy Meredith this book has been released yet. The reason for the pick, is I saw it while scrolling through a blog looking for something and I stopped it was so eye catching. I dunno if its the colors or just the look on the girls face, this cover is really cool. 

8. Not Yet Released, Wanted ASAP(can be WoW pick):

- This week it has to be my WoW pick. Which was Claire de Lune, this book is broadening our horizon in read women of the moon (weres) here we come this book sounds awesome, I also like the cover. Want more details head over to my Waiting on Wednesday pick Here.

So guys thats it for me this week, YAY the weekend is so close I can smell it!! How was this past week for you guys??

Happy Reading!

Kelly P.


Chrissie said...

I have got a blog award for you over at my site :)


Jan von Harz said...

Don't know how you read more than one book at a time, but sure wish I could too.
I stopped by to tell you I have given you blog award. come Check it out.

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