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Monday, August 30, 2010

Doing Things Differently

So this week I have been planning a giveaway as I have now passes my 150... Followers that is (today I'm currently at 151 yay). I have to say I still remember my first week as a blogger thing is there actually anyone out there and if so are they listening to what I have to say!!! Well I hope there are 151 of them or even more!! So well what better way of celebrating being followed then a Giveaway!! I'm still planning it so this is why I am led to this rant. So this week I'll be doing things differently I will be hosting my Teaser Tuesday on Monday!! And on Tuesday I'll be having a review and the so called celebration of You!!
So what am I giving away!!! Hmm it's a surprise!! I know that sucks!! But.... I'll give you a hint! Has something to do with the book being featured on my Teaser Tuesday (On Monday).

Hope to see you by Tomorrow!! Thanks Again for 151!!

Happy Reading!


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