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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Blue Bloods

Schuyler Van Alen is confused about what is happening to her. Her veins are starting to turn blue, and she''s starting to crave raw meat. Soon, her world is thrust into an intricate maze of secret societies and bitter intrigue. Schuyler has never been a part of the trendy crowd at her prestigious New York private school. Now, all of a sudden, Jack Force, the most popular guy in school, is showing an interest in her. And when one of the popular girls is found dead, Schuyler and Jack are determined to get to the bottom of it.Schuyler wants to find out the secrets of the mysterious Blue Bloods. But is she putting herself in danger? Melissa de la Cruz''s vampire mythology, set against the glitzy backdrop of New York City, is a juicy and intoxicating read. (This Description came from Chapters Indigo book retailer)

OK I'm speechless this story is awesome, it is like a mix of Gossip Girls, history, and Vampires that don't shine (not that I have anything against it). I really enjoyed that if you were to put Vampires in New York I can see the reality to this book. So on to the main character Schuyler (which I didn't know how I say it until recently I saw somewhere that it was SKY-Ler). Schuyler is an outcast the "reject" I hate that word, but it totally fits, she's the girl in the background with one friend Oliver, mother in a coma, Grama who's is just plain weird isn't it just the perfect fairytale??
Mimi is Manhattans "B" a word that I will leave only to one letter, and should not be stated. Mimi is the popular girl with some mystery to persona, and she has one weird relationship with her brother James.James I have to tell you something "Oh James you came and you caught my heart" the man of mystery the vampire Hottie. James may be Schuyler's only hope to be normal lol I'm JOKING!! :)
Bliss is the out of town-er who is trying to fit in, but with the wrong crowd. Oliver Schuyler's BFF I dunno, but there's something that rubs me the wrong way with him.
These characters are all different and all with their own personal mystery. I adore this book from start to end it caught my heart after chapter 2. This book had great transition I was never confused on what character point of view it was. This book was well written, and the cover to die for. I'm actually thinking of getting the UK book as well I think I like the cover better.... Weird I know. If you like mystery, vampires, and drama then this book is definitely for you. Any vampire fans will love they way this book is well written, unique having a different view on vampires, and just the characters they are so easy to like. I bet each character will remind you of someone you knew or know presently. I adore vampires they are my weakness, I am now addicted to Blue Bloods..... Oh no I'm honestly yet to understand how I'm going to afford an addiction like this. As I said before I'd recommend this book to anyone who likes Vampires, Drama, Mystery, and some Historical background to the idea of vampires origins.

Series Order

1. Blue Bloods
2. Masquerade
3. Revelations
4. Van Allen Legacy
5. Keys to the Repository (Not yet released- June 2010)
6. Misguided Angel (Not yet released- Fall/Winter 2010)
For more details visit Melissa De La Cruz's Website (By clicking her name :).)

I would personally rate this book:   4

Happy Reading Guys!!

Kelly P.


Book Monster said...

I've read the first two books in the series and I loved it :)

Kelly Peres said...

Hey Maura sorry I published this without noticing the other day!! lol but heres the review!! Enjoy


InABox said...

What a great review! Your energy really shines through. :-) I'll have to check this series out.

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