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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Evernight By: Claudia Gray

Bianca doesn't want to be at Evernight, she wants to escape. At Evernight the Gothic and eerie boarding school is home to the sleek, smart, kind of predatory other students, and other students just don't belong. When Bianca meets Lucas and he tries to watch out for her, as well care for her. Lucas even warns her to beware at this Gothic school. Bianca and Lucas have this weird connection to each other, Bianca is even willing to risk everything to be with Lucas. Dark secrets left unsaid have been flowing through Evernight that could change everything she has ever believed.
Evernight, oh how I heart thy. This book was well written, smooth, and I loved the cover it is what caught my eye. Evernight I'd love to go to this boarding school. Claudia Grays descriptions were wonderful the way she described her characters, scenery, and even certain descriptions (not to spoil the story, but for all you who have read it the situation dealing with the stained glass window!) I could actually visualize what exactly was happening. Claudia Grays descriptions were not over the top or into too much details that you did not need to know. The descriptions were just right. The story is anything, but predictable I could have never guessed what the ending of the book was going to be. This fact excites to me because lately books have been a bit predictable. Speaking of predictable in some standard books cool kid do not hang out with the uncool kids. In Evernight other than Lucas, Bianca is automatically welcomed by Patrice (Ok not on the first day) and Balthazar. Back to Bianca, I honestly do not understand why she has so much hate towards Evernight, and wants to run away (I would love to switch places in a heart beat with her).
I really like this book I think I read it in like two days. I wish I read it sooner instead of putting it off. I would love to recommend this book to anyone who enjoyed Vampire Academy By: Richelle MeadBlue Bloods By: Melissa De La Cruz, and the Mortal Instrument Series By: Cassandra Clare. If that's you then you will adore Evernight.

P.S. I adore when books have an a sneak peak into the next book in the series. The reason it lets you get a kind of new beginning to the next book, but bad because you really want to purchase the next book!!
Stargazer here I come!!!

I'd Personally Rate this book: ïïïï

Kelly P. 


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