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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

ShowTime: Pretty Little Liars (1)

Sorry about this change it theme, I know this is a book blog but I have two shows I am ecstatic to watch and I Kelly shall report my finds, reactions, and overall thoughts. The good thing is that both shows are book series made in to TV Series. One being Pretty Little Liars (Have not read series). Two being True Blood (Have read series) Starting this Sunday. So today Wednesday, and Monday I will be back with updates on these shows.

So shall I start I have never read any of the Sara Shepard books, I have seen them but they have never caught my interest. Only recently when I saw that they were making the series in to the show I looked into it, looked into trailers and freaked. This was just what I needed was a new addiction.

So I have just finished watching the series premier and I loved it. I so far think they picked some good actress (Some new faces as well) in these roles. I have always hated commercials, but today I despised them its like they were on forever, I wanted more, I was ADDICTED.  I am so addicted to the point that I'm trying to find scene to episode 2, or even a glimpse of what is to come (oh I also am going out later today to purchase the first book with the made for TV cover). I do not know how good the books are, but can you believe after one episode that I'm pinning to read the series as well. CRAZY!! I like the mystery behind A's secret messages. I wonder who it could possibly be, is it Alison back from the dead or someone else just playing pranks on them, if so who? 

So one last thought! Doesn't this series seem a little like Gossip Girl especially the messages?? I'm not complaining loving the whole mystery, just wondering if I was the only one who noticed.

Thought? Reactions? What do you think might happen?? Let me know!

So until next time (by the way Tuesday is so Far away)

Happy Reading!!

Next ShowTime will be on Monday June 14th. True Blood Here I come!!!!!!


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