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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

100 Follower Contest "Library Loot" Week

Hey guy so I finally hit 100 Followers and you know what that means another celebration! Don't you just love those!! Anyways on to the details of this contest: it is open Internationally but I'm sorry you must be a follower just because thats what the celebration is about but thats simple to take care of! So head over hear and just click FOLLOW --> on the right. 


Who: My Followers from around the world (Just as long Book Depository ships to your Country).

What: A week of Fun and Contest, its a celebration I will be reviewing books I recently read that I borrowed from the Library (Hense the Contest name Library Loot) and each review I do this week Til Sunday you will get a Chance to win!! Something (I'm trying to stick to is the books that I am reviewing but the problem is that one of them may not be in stock so I'm trying ANYWAYS).

When: From Monday the 10th of May til Sunday the 16th this is my celebration week but the contest will be up for 2 week til May the 28th. Depending on how the week goes I might add somethings here and there!!

Where: Here Duhhh!! Oh and Book Depository :) as I will be shipping from them!

Why: I hit 100 Followers Yay!! Thanks to you guys!!

How: So lets talk How all you have to do is A) Be a follower of my Lovely Blog, B) See if Book Depository ships to you C) Check back for days of my reviews to win the book I reviewed, its that simple. To make it easier so you guys don't miss out I have added Subscribe by Email on the Left side bar which will make tracking activity on my blog simple. Oh and also D) Fil out the designated form for each contest because they each have there own!! Feel free to enter them all as long as it is one person each contest (Don't Forget I always have other ways of getting other entries see Contest Form for more details on how)

So thats it for the Babbling if you have any questions leave a comment below of feel free to email me at Kelly.kelinhas@gmail.com.

So My Schedule for this week is as Follows (it may be Subject to change)

Monday: -Teaser Tuesday (Out early Just to Make it simple)

Tuesday: -Contest Announcement and Also first 

-First Review: Hearts at Stake By: Alyxandra Harvey Click HERE and check out Review and how to win your own Copy!

Wednesday: - Waiting on Wednesday 

Thursday: - *Tumble Weed Roles By... Then the blog goes really quite*  I crack myself up but I posted nothing today but Tomorrow!!!

Friday:Second Review: Sucks to be Me By: Kimberly Pauley Click HERE and check out my Review and how to win, also Second Chance to Win!

Saturday: - Third Review: The Gryphon Project By: Carrie Mac Click HERE and check out my Review and how to win, also Third Chance to Win!

Sunday- Fourth Review: Hunger Games By: Suzanne Collins Click HERE and check out my Review and how to win.  

-In My Mailbox (check out what I got this week, its a vlog I also mention a future contest wink wink)

So let the Celebrations begin, and thanks again to you guys because without you Followers this blog wouldn't be here!!

Happy Reading Guys!

Kelly P


Shy said...

Hey you! Congratulations on hitting 100 followers =) I'm sure there will be a lot more to come. Will be looking forward on your posts throughout this week. Thanks for this celebration!

Kelly Peres said...

Hey Thanks the First Contest is Up!! Check it out Up for grabs is Hearts at Stake!!

Darlyn said...

Congratulations for hitting 100! I can see the numbers going up now =)

Sullivan McPig said...

Congrats! and what a cool contest!

sRy_ said...

congrats on your followers!^__^

Kelly Peres said...

Hey thanks guys!!! Hope you all have entered to win!! Also up today I added my review for Sucks to be Me by: Kimberly Pauley!! (you know what that mean another chance to win!!) So head HERE

Thanks again!! You guys Rock!!
Happy reading

Kelly P.

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