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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Read-A-Thon!!! Sunny with no chance of Showers!! :)

So it's yet another Sunny day in Toronto and another bonus is that tomorrow I do not have to work as in Canada we are Celebrating Victoria Day (LONG WEEKEND). So what better to do on 2 free days!! Yep thats right a read-a-thon. The reason for this is that I am so far behind in my books and TBR pile is growing by the day I think I have over 60 on it!! So it's Sunny so I will start my reading outside :) I will be back every 3 hours to report on how I'm doing!! If you have twitter then follow my tweets @MidnightGlance. So my family has abandoned my house so I have it all to my Self. So heres the deal:

So the read-a-thon will be 2 days!!
My Goal is around 4 books its low but I would love to do 6!! We will see how the 2 days go!

Books that I would love to Finish in this Read-A-Thon are:

1. Divine by Mistake by: P.C. Cast (Pg. 100) as of  Day 1 at 9:00pm Page 350 (I wanted more!)
2. The Lightning Thief by: Rick Riordan Day 2 at 3:00 pm Completed
3. My Soul to Take by: Rachel Vincent
4. Moonlight by: Rachel Hawthrone Day 2 at 12:00 am Completed
5. Hexhall by: Rachel Hawkins
6. Wake By: Lisa McMann

Another heads up is that since Divine by Mistake is 500+ pages my goal is to reach at least 300 :) then I move on to the next!! Oh yeah also the update will happen every 3 hours they will be in Red <-- like this :)

So thats the list I call it the New Beginnings just because these are the first in series, I will also be having a whole week long Read-A-Thon second week of June and that one will be my Sequels (I have started plenty of series and have yet to complete them). Since its my forced Vacation week (I have an extra week that I haven't planned to do anything on so they at work planned it for me and booked it too)

SOOOO wish me luck!! Let the reading Begin!! I'm off to sit in the sun!! 

Happy Reading

Kelly P


infiniteshelf said...

That's an awesome idea! I'm in Canada too (Montreal) so like you I have a long weekend. I plan on doing much reading and a little study. Also, there's the lost finale, but other than that, read, read, read! I'll check back on you to see how you're doing. Have fun! :D

Sullivan McPig said...

Good luck and have fun!

Darlyn said...

Good luck Kelly!I love when my parents live the house all for me!

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