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Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Gryphon Project By: Carrie Mac

Phoenix envies her brother Gryphon. The daredevil and sports hero has all of his recons left: three more chances at life. But she is left with only one, and learns that her beloved brother is responsible for one of her deaths. When Gryphon himself has an accident, the governing body Chrysalis refuses to recon him, deeming his death to be a suicide. His friends' code of silence makes it difficult to find out what happened, but Phoenix is determined to unravel the mystery and save her brother.

   Gryphon project was a book I knew very little about before reading it. It all started one day at working I saw this beautiful cover which drew me to read the summary on the back cover. I was totally intrigued I think it was even on my Wishlist (Saturday Meme) for 2 weeks. The reason I didn't purchase it was I was scared. THEN!! I saw it at the Library and had to borrow. This book was weird, from the plot, to the idea that maybe in the future (like way, way in the future) that technology could probably be well advanced that it might may be possible.  
    The characters in this novel were underdeveloped on purpose to add to the mystery to this storyline. One thing I disliked where the characters names the only ones i liked were the two main characters which are Phoenix and Gryphon the others were all typical, could have had more creativity. I like how they all had hope even due to sticky circumstances.

     In the end I really enjoyed this novel. It was new and fresh something to add to all the awesome Sci fi novels out there. Carrie Mac's take on the future had me captivated from beginning til the end, even so that I hope this is not a stand alone novel, because I feel that there wasn't enough closer and that the story could possibly keep going. For those of you who have never heard of this book I would definitely tell you to check it out. There are a lot of mixed reviews so i'm guess either you hate it or like it. This book does work your brain a little bit thinking if the world were like this and how you would react. I loved!

I would Personally Rate this book: 4

Ok so I'm so sorry to do this to my International Followers but due being low on funds and this book being sold out on Book Depository I This "Single" contest only will be open to US/ Canada (I'm so sorry). So do to that this contest will be informal!! All you have to do is Leave a comment below with the following:

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Happy Reading Guys!!

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