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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hey Guys!!

Hey guys just a head up I'm Still Here I PROMISE!!! Just wanted to say YAY!!! I hit 100 the other day thanks for all you lovely followers and those to come. Back to what I have been up to well to tell you the truth it's a surprise!!! Here are some clues, has to do with book giveaways yep thats right more then one!! Library books! anddd book reviews!! So thats what i have been doing Reading Mania!!! I haven't been on the computer in a while like more then 5mins!! lol So I'm here bare with me Everything will commence on Sunday with In my Mailbox and Mention of what I have been Planning!! 

Hehe don't you love the pic!! You see even I am excited... Meowwwww!! lol

Thanks guys for all the love and if you want to guess what I'm Planning leave me a comment below!!  

Happing Reading Guys!!

Kelly P


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